Maybe my reason to love and live...

2010-03-02 Orgil бичсэн.

Why do I live. What is my reason to live. Who am I going to become in my future. Why I have to get married. Kids baby and other stuff why I need family?

Human beings are all selfish they all just care about there self. There is no reason to have family or buy dog or earn money. Its all just nature all the men and women are selfish they don’t care about others. Imagine that you are a grown old man but no wife no kids. Your friends they are married have kids maybe some of them have grand children. How would you feel? When I imagined that I felt lonely disrespected even if I have lot of money even if I fuck different women every night its still stupid lonely and disrespected. The point I’m trying to tell is that we made for some one. Some one made us to make them self happy now we making some body to make our self happy. This is all nature is about. But there is some other stuff in our life. I am a young guy who only care about study party have fun nothing else. Getting married making kids and every thing is not in my plan right now. But some day I’m going to realize that life is not about having fun. Your friends will start to get married and they will seem so happy. But me still same guy sick of all those party and every thing. That time maybe I will want to get married like every one else. And I will get married to a woman tat I love. Why am I getting married what is the reason? I think its just because I felt loneliness. Then there will be no reason to be together whit my wife. We will need some thing that keep us together then we make a baby as naturally have sex whit out condom and get pregnant give birth. After that we have to raise him or her, our baby. Baby and family will become a reason for me to live work earn money. Then baby will grow up and go school, college and every thing. I will get older and older. And maybe I will see my grand children and I will die one day.

This is usual life. We are selfish we only care about own self but to make our self happy we have to make others happy. How much love getting is just about how much you give. So I need some people around me. With me helping me loving me and feeling me so I could help love and be with……. This is it my reason to live to study …..

PS: I'm not saying that our parents are bad. they give us love to get love but they give much more then we give them. If you have any chance to say how you love them don't be shy use it!

(my english is very bad i'm sorry)

3 сэтгэгдэл:

Tsengel said... ( 3/3/10 02:16 )

,,,"the sun" is just "rising",,,it's pretty good,,,good luck,,,keep it on,,,

KYo said... ( 4/3/10 22:32 )

bi unshsan but my english is very very bad mani oilgosnoo bodson zuile helchvel onigond orchdim bolvu kk

Baatka said... ( 8/3/10 22:56 )

tegvel mani shigee comment bichihgui l bgaad bdag bhgui yu

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